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Pilates and Rehabilitation

  • Besides traditional exercises, we offer Pilates based exercises in our rehabilitation programs
  • Joseph Pilates developed his exercise technique focusing on core stabilization, motor control, precision, posture, alignment and breath.  These same concepts form the basis of orthopedic physical therapy.
  • Pilates equipment is highly adaptable
Springs can be set to assist movement or resist movement
Exercises can be open chain or closed chain
Non-weight bearing and weight bearing adaptations

Physical Therapy

Building a Foundation of Good Health

Moving well is an important part of living well and it is the foundation of good health physically, mentally and socially.  Through our wellness programs and our targeted and individualized approach to rehabilitation, our patients experience new found wholeness in their lives.

Our Expertise

Since 1991, Pyramid has been providing specialized physical therapy and wellness services to the greater San Antonio community with special emphasis in orthopedics, spine and extremities.  The practice boasts only highly-qualified licensed physical therapists who work with patients to deliver quality care.

Pilates For Rehabilitation


Pyramid brings two distinct disciplines to patient care: physical therapy and Pilates, creating a unique dynamic between methodologies that is extremely effective for  strengthening and regaining mobility, and it is especially helpful for older folks  and people with chronic conditions,who may need improved balance, flexibility and function within their daily lives.

Pilates For Wellness


Pilates principles are part of the foundation of good movement and motor control, which have applications for all patients, whether it is a component of physical therapy or simply a patient seeking more flexibility and strength as part of our wellness program.

Pilates and Wellness

  • No doctor’s referral required
  • Pilates is a holistic exercise method designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture, coordination, balance, breathing and circulation
  • Pilates’ equipment is highly adaptable. Exercises can be modified for patients with low fitness levels or special orthopedic concerns or they can be modified to meet the needs of professional athletes
  • One of the keys to Pilates is the focus on the precision of the movement. The improved body awareness that comes with that focus carries over to every day living which multiples the exercise effects.
  • Private, semi-private and group classes available
Welcome to Pyramid Plaza Physical Therapy - 6391 De Zavala Rd, Ste 100, San Antonio, Texas 78249 Phone: (210) 616-0629
Welcome to Pyramid Plaza Physical Therapy
Traditional “Hands On” Physical Therapy
  • We treat orthopedic conditions (disease or injury that affects muscles, tendons, bones, joints, or ligaments) that cause pain and/or limit your ability to move or perform activities
  • First session will include a detailed history and physical examination, problem identification and goal setting, and initial treatment
  • Treatment may include the following hands on techniques:  soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and /or manipulation, manual stretching of tight    tissue, and exercises to strengthen weak muscles, stretch tight muscles and focus on proper posture, alignment and biomechanics
  • Treatment may also include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot packs, cold packs, mechanical traction when appropriate
  •  Some common conditions treated include:  back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, problems related to osteoporosis, sprains, post-surgical (ie ACL repairs, total joint replacements, spinal discectomy, spinal fusion)


Our Location

6391 De Zavala Rd, Ste 100, San Antonio, Texas  78249

Phone: (210) 616-0629

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